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KeepItSafe installs backup-software onto your computer or server through our online portal.

Back Up

At scheduled intervals your business data is then automatically compressed, encrypted, and securely transmitted via the Internet to a KeepItSafe offsite data centre for safekeeping.


Data is also mirrored to a secondary KeepItSafe data centre to provide a protective layer of redundancy; in the event of data loss or corruption, your previous backup then becomes instantly retrievable.

KIS how it works

Advantages over Tape Backup

KeepItSafe experts actively manage your data every day to ensure that you are up and running within minutes in the event of interruption.

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Plus, even previously deleted or older versions of files remain stored and retrievable - for as long as you choose to store them - through what's known as retention. You set the retention period.


KeepItSafe data centres are accessible only to authorised personnel and feature fully redundant UPS systems with back-up diesel generators. Data is even encrypted while in storage, rendering them useless to anyone but you. It is protected by a 24-hour security presence and CCTV


Each backup is monitored by our automated monitoring system; qualified KeepItSafe® engineers are notified of any backups that require attention. Our engineers contact you if there is a problem-All part of the proactive nature of our service.